Income Report As An Affiliate Marketer For 2011

First and foremost… Happy New Year to all my Readers and Subscribers of my Affiliate Marketing & Make Money Online Blog. Many thanks to all of you who have been supporting this blog and in helping this blog to become one of the prominent blog in the aspects of Affiliate Product Reviews.

Who Am I – Dexter Damien Chan

If you have been reading this blog but do not know who is the Blogger behind this site, my name is Dexter Damien Chan from Singapore. And doing blogging and affiliate marketing on this site are just part of my “night job” and I do have a full time job as a Sales Support Executive for an IT Software Company (and they are not related to any form of Internet Marketing).

Status Of This Blog

This blog has been online for 2 years and have been through quite a number of changes – from posting of online marketing articles that cannot compete with many other prominent blogs to the current state of posting Affiliate Product Reviews that do have its own standings in the Google Search Engine.

My Affiliate Income And Monthly Income For Year 2011

If you are curious about the kind of online income that you can generate from Affiliate Marketing and Product Reviews, here’s a snapshot of what I have earned. The figures may not be that impressive as compared to other prominent blogs or other affiliate marketers – but it’s a good sign that there’s money to be made online and you can create your own online business along with your day job. This online income can supplement whatever you have and also a good opportunity for you to expand on (e.g. You – as a Full Time Internet Marketer earning a Full Time Online Income and living the Internet Lifestyle!)

If you are ready… enjoy what I am about to share…

– My Earnings From Clickbank

In 2010, I have earned $1,477.40 and in 2011, there’s quite a significant jump to $2,462.86 which is about $205 per month.

– My Earnings From Promoting WSOs

I started promoting WSOs in the second half of 2011 and I was able to generate an income of $1,256.24 which makes it about $104 per month.

– My Earnings From DigiResults

DigiResults do not provide an overview of the income earned for the year online but I was able to generate a CSV report of the total income generated… making it a total of $1,264.53 – around $105 per month

– My Earnings From

Not that impressive but personally I believe it’s a good start because I only started promoting products back in Q3 of 2011. Nonetheless, $10.71 is around $0.89 per month.

– My Earnings From Intellilinks

Intellilinks has been an income source for selling Text Link Ads on your sites. If you do own a prominent and active sites you can basically get quite a good and consistent monthly income from them. In 2011, I have earned about $214.19 which makes it about $17 per month.

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– My Earnings From BackLinks

Another Monthly Income Source that will help you to sell Links for other Websites – earnings depend on the PageRank of your site and the higher the better. From this site, I have earned about $87 per month making it $7 per month.

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Monthly Income From Above Sources

Just from the income sources mentioned above I have made an average of $438.89 per month – all on working a full time job and spending an average of 2 hours per night to work on my blogs.

And if you have been wanting to get started on some form of online business in 2012, do crack your head a bit and most importantly you must get started on something – and it may not have to be the best blog or unique websites right from the start. And if you know a particular topic very well – create a blog out from it, be active on it and making money from it will be easy after that…

Thanks for reading this blog and I wish success and most importantly… you get to make lots more money out from your online business! Happy 2012!



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