Review: The Dark Side Of Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets

Note: The Darkside Of DotComSecrets Is No Longer On Sale. Therefore the Affiliate Links to the Product have been Removed but you are welcomed to Read On To See What You Have Missed… Meanwhile Russell Brunson Is Looking For Students For His DotComSecrets X >> Click Here To Check Out


If you have been wondering what BlackHat marketing is all about and what has gotten many blackhat marketers commenting about it, then you would like to check out Russell Brunson’s recent release of “The Darkside of DotComSecrets”.

And What Is The Darkside of DotComSecrets All About?

Russell Brunson has created a video series (8 modules) that showcase what you need to know all about blackhat marketing. And the content that Russell Brunson is sharing has even caused many blackhat communities to rave about it – calling it a cheap giveaway to all the secrets of blackhat marketing!

And should you get this product? If you want to get marketing results and bring in money faster than usual (through whitehat marketing) and also do not mind spending some more money (to get the same blackhat softwares that other marketers are using) – this is a must-get!

But if you need a run-through of what you can expect, this is a review of the whole course but I must be honest that for this post, there’s actually too much video content to be shared so I can only give you a very brief summary of what you can expect to learn!

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First Part: The Introduction To BlackHat Marketing

– What Is Blackhat Marketing?

You will understand the benefits of implementing blackhat marketing techniques to your online business and why many online marketers are using these techniques now. Some of the reasons being:

  • they want results and they want to get something done today
  • blackhat can simply get you the income to use for your whitehat business

You will also get to understand some of the Common Misconceptions behind Blackhat Marketing and why you do not need to take them into considerations for your online marketing.

– What You Will Be Learning

1. Using Blackhat Marketing Techniques to get more traffic

2. Using Search Engine Algorithms Against Themselves

3. Seeing Results in Days (even hours), NOT Months OR Years

4. Using Basic Human Psychology And Social Engineering To Achieve Results

5. Letting Your Competitors Do The Hard Work For You

6. Exploiting Weakness To Make Yourself Stronger

And should you be uncomfortable with any particular tactic, you can either adapt it or don’t do it!

– Blackhat Softwares That You Cannot Live Without

Here you will get a list of 12 recommended resources that many other blackhat marketers are using, like:

  • Instant Social Anarchy (a powerful SEO Linking tool for building fast backlinks)
  • Facebook Ads Manager (powerful tool to help create facebook ads, also recommended by Jonathan Volk in his Facebook Ads Guide)
  • SEOLinkPro (powerful linking tool)

Second Part – Where The Training Starts

– Proxies

Get a good understanding what is proxy all about and why you need to use proxy for:

  • Email Accounts Creation, e.g. Twitter (do you know that you cannot create more than 10 Twitter Accounts but with proxies, you can create more than that!)
  • Profile Account Creation (the use of Fake Names together with Proxy?!)
  • Spy on competition and many other tasks

You will also understand the different kinds of proxies (walk-throughs given on how they are being used) and some useful resources (free and paid) that blackhat marketers are currently using to get their proxies-list. One of this resources that’s recommended is FoxyProxy which you can add as an extension to your FireFox browser.

– Fake Identity?

You will also get a free resource and a walkthrough which you can get access to fake identities with full detailed informations like Name, Address, Email Address and even Credit Card.

With these information, you can eventually use it to register for accounts on article directories, forums and even as a blog commentor for your blogs (even John Chow, the famous blogger, recommended this method in his blog guide, which you can read about it over this link)

And the use of fake identity is also all legal!

– Fake Traffic But Good Alexa Ranking?

Using the power of proxies, you can also use it (together with one of the suggested blackhat software) to get lots of fake traffic to your sites. The good side? You get higher and better Alexa Ranking. And your visitors will believe that your sites are those frequently visited on the internet! Wow!

This blackhat marketing technique is also further expanded in Module 7 – Traffic Trickery

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– Do You Really Need Backlinks

Backlinks – what do they do and the different types (follow vs nofollow; raw backlink; anchor links). Reality: they are the most important factors in online marketing but you need to take very long to get them through whitehat marketing! But… with Blackhat you can do it faster!

And you will learn the two type of sites that are highly desirable for backlinking and linking out from your sites. You will also learn how to hack out from google for these sites (using special command like inurl: blog)

How about Comments? Will these help in getting more backlinks? Yes in the short term but to get more, you will need to understand what’s Top Comment Link Hijacking and and Mutant Powered Backlinks.

You will also learn how to make full use of those sites that made use of the Top Commentators Plugin and one microblogging service (not Twitter) to help you generate Backlinks as well.

Do Follow Links? These are good for getting lots of quality backlinks and if you like to know how to find sites that allow Do Follow Links, you will learn how to do so with FireFox, Google Search Engines and one of the recommended software.

– Double Meta Refresh

If you are into Affiliate Marketing (especially CPA networks), this is the section for you where you will learn to promote offers/products in areas that are not usually allowed by the Terms of Service of your affiliate program.

This is where Double Meta Refresh will come in handy in helping you to blank a referrer. And this particular section will give you the general guidelines of using this technique and how to go about setting it up.

Another good use of Double Meta Refresh is to spoof a referrer. Here you will know where to get the resource to do it.

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– Facebook

Facebook is one of the site that has a lot of traffic and there’s many stuff that you can promote through their Facebook Ads and Group / Fan pages to help you make money.

And you will learn to use blackhat marketing to help you create Fan Pages that will automatically have friends added to it and what we called Seed Accounts and strategies to monetization methods like the use of Vouchers Script and linking to CPA Offers.

– Keyword Sniping

Keyword Sniping is another marketing technique that many are using to market offers / products effectively and the traffic generated through it is highly targeted and can also help you to build lists.

And if you are currently using Article marketing, Feeder Sites, Backlinking, Adsense Sites, Amazon and eBay sites, Keyword Sniping is one technique you have to use. You will also understand what these type of sites can be used for.

You will also get to learn how to make use of AutoBlogging for quality backlinking, build up your whitehat income, blackhat seo, list building and as a funnel to a money site.

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